Casba Entertainment, LP

  • The world isn't ready for what you are going to bring to them, they aren't ready
    Producer/Rapper - Kanye West - Grammy Award winner
  • It was my great pleasure, getting to spend time with you and sharing with you
    Actor - David Alan Grier - Tony Award Nominee
  • One of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing with and meeting
    Soul singer - Ledisi - Grammy award Nominee

The Beginning...

Mississippi Valley State University, Fall 1999 - The doors to the auditorium opened slowly. Three young men pass through the open doors walking in strides of humility. There is no pomp or circumstance. There is no yelling or hype only quiet smiles and handshakes. One of them had just won a talent show. The goal wasn't to win but to establish a following, an opportunity and a future in which his creativity could be raised like a precious talented child. This was the night Casba Entertainment, LP was born.

"There are corporations built on inventions. There are albums written out of the tears of survival. There are political careers started from the dust of poverty. There are people living in the dreams of success and nightmares of failure. I haven't tried my best, or worked my hardest at anything other than fatherhood and creativity."
Nelson B Smith II 

Casba Entertainment, LP works hard to customize the offerings to each customer. When you have over 20 years of entertainment, business and community relations experience you can help clients in ways your competitors have only dreamed about.

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We are headquartered in Illinois with representation in Japan and Los Angeles. In addition to physical locations we offer a variety of services to clients anywhere in the world via skype, google hangouts etc, or we can travel to you.