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Before we ever stepped into a studio, recorded a note, performed to a sold out crowd or received an award there was the love of the music. You must love the music enough to love the business. It is the business that will power your control over your voice, instrument, pen, and talent and turn a passion into a lifestyle. 
Some of the talented people we've worked with..

So You think you're ready for the life?

There are talented people and skilled people in the music and entertainment industry. The difference between what makes a person a superstar like Beyonce' or just signing at the local sandwich shop are vast. Do you know what your brand is? Do you understand how important and vital the people around you will be to your success? Do you understand what a 360 deal is? Do you know why you want your album and career to have priority with the record label? Are you better served as an independent artist or should you go after the major contract? Why should a record label be interested in your brand? Do you want to know why no one will talk to you at record labels, radio stations, newspapers etc? 

We know there are many questions and far more than we could list on this site and this is why you need to contact Casba Entertainment, LP.

We don't guarantee that you will become the next Beyonce', Justin Timberlake or One Direction. We do guarantee that you will be very well prepared with the knowledge needed for success and to protect your legacy and interests.

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We are headquartered in Illinois with representation in Japan and Los Angeles. In addition to physical locations we offer a variety of services to clients anywhere in the world via skype, google hangouts etc, or we can travel to you.